February 10th, 2022: Caribbean Classic (2 videos)

Hey guys,

I apologise for not having been more active on the blog. Winter has been extremely busy between work and family. The competition season just kicked off for me with the Caribbean Classic. Despite a very heavy knee injury (probably ACL…) snowboarding, I tried my best to be competitive. After a slow start (17/20 and 17/20) ini FITASC, I was able to finish strong (19/20, 20/20, 20/20) and ended up tied for Runner-Up. For the first day of the Prelim #2, I am temporary high gun with 93/100 on a pretty tough course. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Bonsoir à tous,

Veuillez excuser mon absence et mon silence depuis de longues semaines. L’hiver a été très dense entre les cours et les activités en famille. La saison des compétitions vient tout juste de démarrer pour moi avec la Caribbean Classic en Floride. Malgré la grosse blessure au genou (vraisemblablement les croisés) contractée en snowboard, j’ai tout donné pour essayer de rester dans la course et termine ex-aequo au scratch en parcours de chasse (17/20, 17/20, 19/20, 20/20, 20/20) malgré un départ pour le moins hésitant. Dans la première moitié du Prelim, je parviens à accrocher le scratch temporaire en attendant demain et ses surprises.

6 thoughts on “February 10th, 2022: Caribbean Classic (2 videos)”

  1. Thanks Nick. Always enjoy your videos and thoughts about the shoots. Sorry to hear about the knee. Hopefully the ACL is not torn, just pulled and inflamed a bit. Those of us that played impact sports(American football and Enduro motorcycles) for me have things that can get aggravated readily. Consult your physician about the knee and be careful. Sounds like the eyes, arms and torso are working. Nice shooting. My friend is shooting in the Main event Sat & Sun. Good luck and shoot well. James L BowersGoose Creek, SCPartridge Creek Gun Club


    1. Thank you James.. I have a pretty bad feeling about my ACL. I already broke the right one twenty years ago and had to go thru surgery… Same feeling ono the left one now.


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