March 1st, 2020: FITASC styles (video)

Hey guys,

After I uploaded the last video about pre shot routines in sporting clays, a lot of you asked me about FITASC and the differences between the shooters. As the pre shot routine is shorter in Fitasc and the differences not that obvious, I compiled some shots with some of our best US shooters. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment!

Bonjour à tous,

Après avoir mis en ligne la vidéo sur les routines de pré-tir, beaucoup m’ont demandé un comparatif des routines en parcours de chasse. La routine en PC étant bien plus courte, je me suis attardé sur les styles de tir de différents tireurs pros afin que vous puissiez commenter et comparer. A vos écrans, et à vos claviers !

6 thoughts on “March 1st, 2020: FITASC styles (video)”

  1. Nick: Thanks for posting these great videos. They are very helpful to my current Fitasc work, and a great resource to view over and over. Steve


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