February 27th, 2020: Pre shot routine (video)

Hey guys,

We often hear sporting clays shooters talk about pre shot routine and mental game. Even though both concepts are very different, they are clearly linked with each other. I find interesting to look at some of the best shooters in the World thru their pre shot routine. It seems to me like there is a big difference in these routines whether you are West or East of the Atlantic Ocean. Check it out!

Bonsoir à tous,

Il est souvent question de la routine de pré-tir et du mental en ball trap. Même si ces deux notions sont très différentes, elles n’en demeurent pas moins étroitement liées. Je trouve intéressant de comparer cette routine d’avant-tir que l’on trouve parmi les meilleurs tireurs au Monde. J’ai l’impression qu’elle est extrêmement différente en fonction de la provenance du tireur : Amérique ou Europe… Je vous laisse vous faire votre propre avis.

9 thoughts on “February 27th, 2020: Pre shot routine (video)”

  1. nick,
    Great Video Thank you. Also cool to note among the shooters in this video is the height of the eye relative to the barrel. Varies from 1mm above the rib to 6 cm above the rib. Fascinating
    Jim Gilman!


  2. They’re consistent. There were a couple where you can’t see the name right away that I guessed correctly just from their routine…hat adjusts, mount/dismounts before calling for the bird, open and closing the action, etc. Whatever works to get your head right. :-D. Thanks for posting this.


  3. great videos nick thanks , wow some of those pre shot routines would drive me crazy too intense chill out boys !


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