June 18th, 2019: Slow motion shots during the North Central Regionals (video)

Hey guys,

After the success my last video encountered, I decided to put another slow motion video together. Thank you, Andy Schoen, for being behind the camera. I was actually surprised that a lot of you guys used this previous video for technics purposes. I hope that can help some of you guys. Enjoy!

Bonjour à tous,

Après le succès rencontré par la dernière vidéo de ralentis, j’ai décidé, avec l’aide de mon ami Andy Schoen, de mettre à votre disposition une nouvelle vidéo de ce type. Merci à lui. J’ai par ailleurs été extrêmement surpris de vos retours par rapport à cette vidéo : beaucoup d’entre vous l’ont, semble-t-il, utilisée à but éducatif. J’espère que ce nouveau petit film pourra aidé certains d’entre vous à progresser. A vos écrans.

4 thoughts on “June 18th, 2019: Slow motion shots during the North Central Regionals (video)”

  1. Spot Shooting – in another shoot, Nationals a couple of years ago, you videoed Brett and Cedric on Make a Break. A lot of their shots were spot shooting which they were both good at with Cedric coming from a short draw and as he called for the target, he began his move slowly whereas Brett was premounted.

    I’ve never seen you spot shoot although I’ve just probably missed it. Would you give your opinion on spot shooting in a NSCA shoot?


    1. Good morning, I usually try to avoid as much as possible any shooting technic that wouldn’t let me match the speed of the target for at least a bit. The reason is that pressure in a competition will make your timing a bit off and you will end up in front or behind the target. When matching the speed of the target, it allows you to get more consistent even under pressure. I would still spot shoot on very fast and far targets that I wouldn’t have the time and opportunity to match the speed of. It works, but it is a riskier shot too.


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