February 19th, 2017: Gator Cup (videos)

Hi guys, this long weekend in Florida has been pretty intense. Quail Creek Plantation was welcoming 660 shooters from all around the US and from abroad. Some of the best shooters came to this mega event. It has been very well organised by Fred Fanizzi, general manager, and his team.

Bonjour à tous. Ce long weekend en Floride fut assez intense. Le stand de Quail Creek Plantation accueillait pour la Gator Cup plus de 660 tireurs venus de tous les Etats-Unis et de l’étranger. Parmi eux, la crème des tireurs américains était présente, pour cet événement organisé de main de maitres par Fred Fanizzi et son équipe.

Saturday weather conditions were pretty tough for all the shooters even though some shot really well on the blue course. I managed to shoot 93, missing silly birds including a few rabbits that I was not able to handle properly. Shooting both eyes was getting better except on these rabbits…

Les conditions météorologiques étaient assez mauvaises le samedi, à cause d’un vent assez fort, même si certains sortaient leur épingle du jeu, notamment sur le parcours bleu. Je réussirai à y faire 93/100, ratant des plateaux parfois faciles, notamment quelques rabbits que je n’arriverai pas à ajuster. Le tir avec les deux yeux ouverts demande des réglages bien particuliers sur les rabbits… Du pain sur la planche !

Sunday weather conditions were just perfect. I manage to shoot 93ex100 on the red course missing again a few rabbits but happy about my shooting overall: 186ex200 and around 20th overall out of 660 shooters. 

Les conditions dimanche étaient par contre optimale, à l’attaque du parcours rouge. J’y ferai à nouveau un score de 93/100, ratant de nouveau des rabbits, mais malgré tout satisfait de ma prestation globale à 186/200, pour une place dans les 20 premiers au scratch, sur 660 tireurs.

Congratulations Diane Sorantino for another amazing win in Florida (184ex200, Ladies Champion in the Caribbean Classic and the Gator Cup, Ladies Runner-Up in the Krieghoff Classic), Bill McGuire (HOA in the Caribbean Classic, Runner-Up in the Krieghoff Classic), Brad Kidd, Jr. (HOA in the Krieghoff Classic) and Derrick Mein (HOA in the Gator Cup).

Un grand bravo à ces grands champions que sont Diane Sorantino (184/200 et championne dame sur la Gator Cup, de même sur la Caribbean Classic, et vice-championne dame sur la Krieghoff Classic), Bill McGuire (Champion sur la Caribbean Classic et Vice-champion sur la Krieghoff Classic), Brad Kidd, Jr. (Champion sur la Krieghoff Classic) et Derrick Mein (Champion sur la Gator Cup).

7 thoughts on “February 19th, 2017: Gator Cup (videos)”

  1. Bonjour Nicolas,

    Merci pour ces belle vidéos et ces beaux commentaires

    Et bravo pour tes scores sur ces deux belle compet et une belle place au classement scratch en tirant avec une nouvelle technique

    A bientot


  2. Nick, you shot well, even being in transition from 1 eye to both eyes. Not easy and can be confusing on a particular presentation. Have you done a slight modification to a very short draw to keep the muzzle from view or are you still in a full mount?


    1. Hey, it looks like I need to shoot as soon as I touch the target line. I used to run a bit more with the target but this doesn’t look like it works anymore. When shooting sporting or 5-stand, I am still in a full mount but my cheek is not on the stock yet (and it’s never been even with one eye). I start moving my cheek down when looking at the target coming out of the trap.


  3. Same here Nick. If I start running with the target I have to shoot with 1 eye or the left dominant eye will take over. Quick outgoing quartering I shoot with full mount and both eyes but quick. On any target coming from the right side I only view the trap opening by cutting the right eye back to the trap as this kinda gives my eye/brain relationship to say see it with the right eye and on any target coming from the left, I don’t cut my left eye back to the trap but turn my nose to the trap so that I can get the right eye into the game. Sounds kinda silly but it seems to work.

    Hope to see the French at Nationals again this year – good luck.


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